AOC Solutions Pty Ltd Mission Statement:

“To provide all categories of aircraft operators with access to experience, knowledge, assistance and resources that are otherwise not readily available in the market.”

Our services are most relevant for both general & regional aviation and new airlines alike, where it is problematic to appoint highly experienced key personnel. The demand for our services has been largely underpinned by major airline recruitment, leaving regional and general aviation with inexperienced personnel, particularly in the management and training aspects of an operation.

Our Expertise:

We are a small business that specialises in regulatory compliance and support of predominately flight and training operations as well as maintenance operations. We were formed in 2010 with the primary objective of meeting the shortfall in experience in the aviation industry.

AOC Solutions identified that as a consequence of the phenomenal major airline recruitment, among other challenges facing the aviation industry, experienced personnel and quality advice were going to be needed more than ever. For operators trying to maintain a safe and profitable operation, especially in the current environment of significant regulatory change we are here to help you.

Our Experience:

Our previous experience includes initial AOC application where we provided documentation in support of a fixed wing AOC application in Tasmania and prior to this we were instrumental in the introduction of a Beechcraft 1900D for a Western Australian operator including the implementation of the CAR 217 training organisation to support this aircraft type among other things including the arrangement and management of a borrowed AOC to cover the transition period.

AOCS has also supported the implementation of computerised operations control, rostering, accounting, maintenance control, document management and SMS/QA systems including the preparation to be ready for computerised systems for our clients.

Our Capability:

Our company structure is one which is scaled to ensure the needs of our clients are met while ensuring we can provide services to you as cost effectively as possible. With this in mind, any decision to offer the provision of any services to new clients is not taken lightly to ensure we are able to deliver as promised and importantly to safeguard the interests of our existing clients.

This flexible and agile structure gives us the capacity to do our best work for each of our clients providing individualised rather than pre-packaged solutions that are adapted to merely tick a box.

For more information about the ways we protect your information and interests, please visit our dealing with us page.