Quality Policy

AOC Solutions Pty Ltd is firmly committed to achieving excellence in all of our endeavours. This is done through teamwork and the continuing growth of each team member. We are dedicated to being a corporate leader in our industry, producing quality service and products that consistently meet, and exceed our high standards.

We realize that there is always a way to improve our existing service and product. We are continuously striving to improve the quality of our operations in all aspects through open communication, feedback and other improvement initiatives.

We strive to empower our team, acknowledging that they are the foundation to our success. Because of this we encourage our team to solve problems and develop and manage new ideas and processes, while we provide them all the resources they need to be successful.

Safety Policy

The Directors of AOC Solutions Pty Ltd (AOCS), acknowledges our accountability for safety. We both support and endorse this AOCS Safety Policy. In doing this, we, as a company, demonstrate our shared commitment to the maintenance and continual improvement of the levels of safety, and the development of a generative Safety Culture within AOCS.

To achieve this, AOCS will:

  • ensure compliance with all regulations, standards, and best business practice applicable all business areas;
  • ensure, through Safety Communication activities, that all team members and contractors are aware of this policy and its principles, and that feedback and communication on safety related issues is provided;
  • ensure that all necessary human and financial resources are provided to ensure that this policy is fully implemented;
  • ensure hazards and risks are identified and managed by appropriate means;
  • actively encourage all aspects of safety reporting, within a non-punitive reporting culture, where acceptable standards of behaviour are established and promulgated;
  • conduct analysis and investigation of all safety related reports and events, to ensure that effective corrective and preventive actions are implemented;
  • ensure that the results of analysis, investigations, and safety oversight activities are distributed to maximise the safety benefits from their outcomes;
  • ensure that all management and team members are aware of their responsibilities with respect to safety performance;
  • ensure that the any AOCS Safety Performance Indicators and Safety Performance Targets are linked to this policy;
  • review this policy periodically to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness;
  • through Safety Training, provide all team members with safety training, appropriate to their role; and
  • ensure compliance with local regulations, and implementation of industry best practice in the areas of Health, Safety & Environment and Fire Protection & Prevention.

 Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all AOCS management, team members and any of our contractors.

Privacy Policy

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