Managing Director

Bronwyn has an extensive background in regional aviation and international airlines and specialises in operations control, crew planning and scheduling, aircraft ground handling, training and passenger handling.

Prior to co-founding AOC Solutions, Bronwyn has worked for some of Australia’s largest airlines including Ansett, QANTAS and Jetstar (Australia and New Zealand) as well as General Aviation in a range of leadership positions.

Bronwyn has a passion for aviation (both fixed and rotary wing) which reflects in the work she does at AOC Solutions. Being a pilot license holder herself, she has a very good grasp of the ‘pilot side’ also and has excellent inter-personnel communication and negotiation skills.



Luke’s commercial flying career spans more than 17 years. He started commenced his career in General Aviation and has moved through Regional Aviation, then to International Airlines where he now operates the Airbus family of aircraft.

Holding an Air Transport Pilot Licence in 3 countries with over 8000 flying hours, he is also type rated on:

  • Airbus A380
  • Airbus A340
  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A318-321
  • BE350/1900
  • Significant experience in most piston and turboprop powered aircraft covered by the single and multi-engine aeroplane class rating

Luke brings this experience, together with his knowledge and practical experience of flight training, assessment and regulatory requirements to AOC Solutions ensuring clients receive world class consultancy services.


e-Learning Consultant/Developer

Hameed joined AOC Solutions early 2015 to bring his 12 years of experience with CBT development and instructional design to deliver high quality, affordable training for our clients current and predicted demands.

In addition to the above experience, Hameed is also highly skilled at 3D modelling and simulation allowing learners to benefit from increased interactivity during CBT along with the improved understanding and retention of learning points when expressed visually.